5 mistakes to avoid in your online course

Here are 5 pitfalls to avoid in your online course to help your students succeed.

For your student to get the transformation they signed up for, they’ve got to slay multiple dragons everyday, to consume your content and take action.

Don’t make it harder on them than it already is.

Here are 5 pitfalls to avoid in your online course to help your students succeed.

1/ Long videos

We’re all really busy. Once your videos are >10 minutes, you run the risk of your student thinking ‘I don’t have time for this right now, I’ll come back later’ (read: never).

2/ No clear map of the journey

Our brains work best starting with a framework and then filling in the pieces as we go.

Give the overview first of where you’re going, then break down the steps so it doesn’t feel like your student is wandering blindfolded into the abyss, unsure of where the next step will take them each day.

3/ No actions, just content

Information does not equal transformation. Only action solves problems.

Every lesson should have a bit of information and a concrete action to take that moves your student ahead toward their goal

4/ No support, community or deadlines

Without a community, accountability or a start time or end time… there’s always going to be something more urgent or more important to do before your course

It’s going to be very difficult to muster the motivation on a daily basis when things get hard if there’s no consequences for procrastinating.

5/ No expectations or examples of success

Normalize challenges and tell your students when it’s going to get really hard, ahead of time!

Ship 30 told everyone about ‘The Dip’ week when most people miss and break the writing chain.

If you missed, you’re not an epic failure, you’re pretty normal! And that’s ok.

Tomorrow’s a new day and you can ship again. Success in Ship 30 is defined by you.

It’s not necessarily not missing a day, it’s about transformation.

Help your students achieve a transformation in their life and you’ll reap the rewards alongside them.

Jordan Godbey

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Circle & Teachable Expert

I write about the intersection of online courses, marketing and community.

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