How to increase the completion rate of your online course

Course Success

Online courses are the future of education, right?

Not if no one can get through them.

Did you know that most online courses have a completion rate of around 3%?


After all that work building, marketing and selling your course, just to have (almost) no one complete it..

Why is that?

Because most courses are not designed to overcome the barriers and distractions busy people face every day.

Here is one way to make your course more engaging so students make it to the end.

Make. short. videos.

Youtube might want your videos to be over 10+ minutes, but modern learners do not. 

When firing up a new course, you haven't yet built the trust with the student to know your course is worth their time investment. 

So if your first video loads up with a timestamp of 24+ minutes... you risk their brain running the calculation and determining the worst possible conclusion...

"I don't have time for this right now".

If that happens, you've lost them on day 1 — maybe they'll come back "later", but many times later becomes never.

But, If the first video is 3 minutes, that mental calculation won’t run, and they'll Inch themselves one step closer to success while building momentum.

It’s better to make eight 3-minute videos that get watched than one 24 minute video that doesn’t.

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