Jordan Godbey, Circle Expert

I'm passionate about helping course creators, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts create the biggest impact and freedom for themselves through building courses and communities.

• 15+ years of experience in tech + marketing
• Grew a course from $0 to $1M+
• Worked with over 150 clients

Jordan's Story

Previously I worked in Tech and ran two digital marketing agencies in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I then dove into the online courses space and built the #1 online school in the world for radiologists.

We built our school on Teachable and became one of their top 10 schools with the highest revenue, starting from $0 and growing to over $1M/yr in recurring revenue.

Introducing Circle

Now I'm so excited to help course creators bring their audience and content together in one place with Circle.

Circle offers the structure and flexibility to design a community and course experience like none other.

No more switching between 2 or 3 different sites for your students to get the full experience of your program.

Circle offers a super user experience and management experience for you, the creator.

How we can help you

Course + Community

Having your course and community in one place is a game changer. I can help you create the right strategy for your course and execute the plan with you.

LMS Build

Maybe you're starting from scratch? Circle is a great home base platform for your students to participate in your course and interact with one another.


Reduce the complexity of your business by bringing everything into Circle and automating your key processes.

Grow Your Business

We run targeted paid advertising campaigns to help you sell more courses and grow your audience.

Sales Pages & Funnels

Turn your program into an enticing offer with a high conversion rate. We can help you design a marketing flow that consistently brings in new customers.


I'm a certified expert on Circle and Teachable and previous was Head of Marketing and Growth at a startup LMS company. I live, eat and breathe this world and love it!

My past client projects

Here are a few examples of recent projects I've done


Integrated Circle into Teachable experience.

Built sales pages and funnels to grow their revenue
Integrated community into the process of learning German

Toréa Rodriguez

FDN-P, Health Coach

Helped Toréa move from Xperiencify to Circle as her LMS platform.

Reduced complexity from 3 apps to 1
Created an integrated community + course experience

FlashFilm Academy

Created a subscription with Circle

Transitioned Ty off YouTube to Circle for private community and paid subscription area.

Grew to over 100 paid subscribers in 1st month
Integrated Teachable SSO with Circle

Win at Home First

Launched a 30 day challenge on Circle

Cory Carlson is a life and business coach who primarily works 1:1, but wanted to grow him impact via group programs.

Launched Circle for his 30 day challenge
Paired learning content with daily actions and group engagement

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